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Oxford Flint 2013 – £8.99 per bottle

Crispin 2011 – £8.99 per bottle

Bacchus 2013 – £8.99 per bottle

Oxford Gold 2012 – £9.50 per bottle

Oxford Rose 2013 – £9.50 per bottle

Oxford Regatta 2011 – £10.60 per bottle

Pinot Noir 2012 (sold out) – £12.99 per bottle

Brightwell Sparkling Chardonnay 2008 – £19.60 per bottle

Rush English Brandy 50cl – £28.00 per bottle

Our trade pricelist is available on application.

All our wines are available by mail order. Delivery of 12 bottles or more within 10 miles of the vineyard is free. Delivery elsewhere within mainland United Kingdom for up to 18 bottles is £8.00. For larger orders please contact the vineyard.


Oxford Flint [Back to top]

A fully dry blend of Huxelrebe and Chardonnay grapes, Oxford Flint is a classic white wine in the style of the Loire Valley wines. It is flinty dry with crisp English fruit and tangy citrus tones, and finished with a hint of grapefruit. Oxford Flint is very refreshing, and is ideal as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to fish, cheese and white meats. Its zesty dryness also allows it to serve well with spicy foods such as Chinese and Thai dishes!


Crispin [Back to top]

A soft-dry blend of Reichensteiner and Bacchus grapes, where the acidity has been balanced to give a softer edge. Crispin shows a subtle fusion of orchard fruit and herb flavours with lingering hints of pears. Reminiscent of Pinot Grigio, Crispin is a very easy drinking wine that is ideal as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to fish, cheese and white meats.


Bacchus [Back to top]

Brightwell Vineyard's Bacchus is a soft and fruity white wine with a slight sweetness to balance its dry structure. The wine captures the aromatic apple flavours of the Bacchus grape in a gentle and easy drinking wine. An ideal aperitif, Bacchus is a perfect accompaniment to pasta and chicken dishes.


Oxford Gold [Back to top]

New from the 2011 harvest, this is an off dry, full bodied white wine with a hint of balanced sweetness and a rich mouth feel. Full of flavours of pineapple and mango, it serves well as a dessert accompaniment. A succulent wine made from Huxelrebe grapes.


Oxford Rose [Back to top]

This rosé wine is produced from red grapes grown on the chalk and flint gravel soils of the Thames Valley. The juice has only had brief contact with the grape skins to give a vibrant raspberry colour and a gentle tannin strength to the wine. A refreshing drink by itself or with salads, pasta and picnics.


Oxford Regatta [Back to top]

A clean, fully dry red wine, blended principally from Dornfelder grapes. A similar style to northern French or Italian red wines, it has a refreshing clarity and is redolent of English summer berries, with flavours of raspberry and damson. Aged in oak barrels, it is an outstanding example of the ever-improving quality now being achieved in English winemaking. Oxford Regatta is a versatile wine that drinks well on its own or accompanying food. Its clean acidity allows it to balance red meats, game and highly spiced food.


Pinot Noir [Back to top]

Growing Pinot Noir in the mild climate and alluvial soils of our vineyard in the Thames Valley, preserves the elegant character of this noble grape. Gentle maturation in oak barrels has enhanced the delicate cherry, currant and summer berry flavours of this wine. Rounded with subtle tannins, there are hints of spice in its long, dry finish on the palate. A complex wine it is ideal with all meats and cheese, and particularly to be savoured on its own.


Brightwell Sparkling Chardonnay [Back to top]

This sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay grapes grown in chalk and flint soils next to the River Thames. A delicate wine which is bottle fermented in the traditional champagnoise method. A fresh and lively sparkling wine with a zesty hint of apple and lime, finishing with lingering citrus tones. Perfect for any celebration!


Rush English Brandy 50cl [Back to top]

Rush is an English Brandy made exclusively from grapes grown and fermented in Oxfordshire’s Thames Valley. Carefully aged in oak casks Rush displays a classic harmony of complex aromas, with floral notes and lingering spice on the palate. Smooth and rounded this Brandy is a select edition of under 500 bottles per year.